Why Accountability is So Important

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Accountability is an essential quality that any employers look for and value in one of their employees. Many people question why it is so crucial, and there are many reasons for this. Not only does it increase performance and confidence, but it also makes you responsible for actions and decisions that you have taken, and their consequences too, whether they be good or bad. Therefore, this leads to less conflict in the workplace too.

Accountability is the foundation for all that we do

My most recent ‘lightbulb’ moment allowed me to realise that this is one of the greatest qualities that I possess. By being accountable, I reduce the amount of time and energy spent on less productive activities. I found it hard to find my niche, encountering many moments in life where I realised, I could conquer anything, but I never specialised in one specific thing.

After many years of research and experience, I noted my best qualities, and why people come to me for help and guidance, just to realise that being accountable was the foundation of everything. By being an Accountability coach, you are teaching one to value the work they do, and therefore, increasing their skills and confidence. You will start to learn what hard work means, whilst reaping the benefits, leading to becoming more headstrong.

A common question is why is accountability so important?

Without accountability, the path to accomplishment becomes less achievable, leading to a domino effect on others in your team. This quality is the foundation and basic requirement for any corporation, allowing employers and employees to take responsibility, establish substantial goals, and building relationships based on trust, leading to empowerment and encouragement.

Moreover, many studies have shown that celebrating success increases employee morale and motivation. Companies have adjusted their work environments to fit this need as the benefits reaped are transformative. However, accountability is required in order to implement this to its maximum potential, and why? Because understanding when we do something great, and when something isn’t as great, is a task that many struggle to do.

Business success depends on accountability

Individuals need to take constructive criticism and improve, rather than see the negatives. Individuals in the workplace are required to take more and more responsibility for their decisions and actions, and ensuring that the blame or success of one person is not put onto another, is becoming seemingly important to reach ultimate success. This builds even more trust and allows colleagues to set expectations for each other, and come together to put puzzles together with as little conflict as possible.

The need for more accountable individuals has never been so evident, with the attributes it brings becoming more and more beneficial for businesses. This is something that many people may struggle with, maybe due to being stubborn or set into old habits, and this is why I have decided to take my greatest quality, and share it with anyone who may require it.

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